Van Aalsburg commissions electric Hyundai HX85A E

Van der Spek Vianen recently delivered a brand new, completely emission-free Hyundai HX85A E midi excavator with electric drive to Van Aalsburg. The machine was built by Urban Mobility Systems. The machine weighs 10 tons and is equipped with a 130 kWh battery, which allows it to run for up to 6 hours before it needs to be recharged.

Charging can be easily carried out using a 32Amp or 63Amp plug. Van Aalsburg has a mobile EnergyHub that is charged using wind and solar energy, allowing the new Hyundai to be charged with green electricity.

Thanks to the adjustable boom, the machine can be used in various ways and the work tools can easily be brought into the desired position. In addition, the machine has various hydraulic connections with which the work tools can be connected without any problems. The advanced loadsensing hydraulic system has an energy-saving regeneration system on the lifting and articulated cylinders, allowing the machine to work optimally with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Van Aalsburg is a special willow wood trade where the craft is passed on from father to son(s). The company has grown into a dynamic family business that operates internationally under the leadership of six brothers. The company has 150 hectares of private land on which they grow their own products, which are used for their work.

Environmentally conscious entrepreneurship is very important to Van Aalsburg and the investment in the new electrically powered Hyundai HX85A E fits in perfectly with that.