Urban Mobility Systems and AMPOWR Announce Partnership

Posted by Roel Huizer Gros

Oss, The Netherlands, May 31, 2023- Urban Mobility Systems (UMS) and Ampowr have announced a partnership that further enables them to offer state-of-the-art energy storage systems to a wide variety of sectors. Ampowr is a front-runner in producing and commissioning energy storage systems for both residential and industrial uses. UMS is known for its successful electrification of a large variety of construction and transport equipment. With their combined technologies, knowledge, and experience UMS and Ampowr will substantially accelerate the energy transition.

The high demand for energy storage systems is the direct result of the world moving away from fossil fuels. As we experience increased energy costs, grid congestion, and energy insecurity, the need for energy storage systems is also exponentially increasing. This growth has also been moving from industrial and commercial to residential use. UMS and Ampowr see great opportunities in offering solutions to the growing number of potential customers in these sectors making their businesses and homes truly zero emission.

About Urban Mobility Systems

Urban Mobility Systems B.V., founded in 2016 by Lars Kool, is a clean tech engineering company that enables zero-emission construction equipment and mobility solutions. Urban Mobility Systems develops and manufactures battery electric and hybrid fuel cell drive trains to replace the diesel engine traditionally used in heavy-duty on- and off-road vehicles. Focused on series production for OEM customers, Urban Mobility Systems supports leading manufacturers and importers with zero-emission motive power and educational solutions. The modular electrification system developed by Urban Mobility Systems has won the 2022 CES Innovation Award in the Smart Energy product category.

About Ampowr

Ampowr B.V. is turning the conventional energy landscape to the new future of energy by creating and configuring energy systems from batteries, cabinets, and containerized solutions. The core of Ampowr operations is based on four key technologies: BESS Battery Energy Storage Systems (Mid-Scale Power), ESS Energy Storage Systems (Large-Scale Power), Batteries & Chargers, and EMS Energy Management & BMS Battery Management System Steering. All of which have great significance for commercial and industrial companies and residential users. These technologies pave the way for future-ready systems compatible with EaaS (Energy-as-a-Service) and Energy-Trading.

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