3ME Technology and Urban Mobility Systems (UMS) Announce Groundbreaking Partnership to Electrify Australian Construction Equipment and Revolutionise Energy Storage

Posted by Roel Huizer Gros

Newcastle, October 12, 2023 – In a monumental step forward, leading electrification pioneers from Australia and The Netherlands have finalised a partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish UMS Australia, a collaboration solving the problem of competitive, turnkey, battery electric solutions for the Australian heavy-duty vehicle market. This strategic partnership is poised to redefine the landscape of the Australian construction industry and residential energy storage market by introducing cutting-edge, cost-effective, and reliable electrification solutions.

The primary objectives of UMS Australia are to deliver market leading electrification solutions tailored to the Australian construction sector, surface mining equipment, and residential energy storage systems. Initially, UMS Australia will offer production-ready, battery electric solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers and distributors of heavy-duty machines.  Electrification kits immediately available include the Liebherr A916 and R922/924, Bobcat E19, DAF LF Electric, Dakar MKR, DYNAPAC SD2500CS, HAMM HW90, Hyundai HX85A, Hyundai HX260AL, Junttan PMX22, Knikmops 130 & 180, Manitou, Magni RTH 6.25 and PV-E Cranes EC 80 & 160.

Key highlights of this pioneering partnership include:

1. Electrification Excellence: UMS AUSTRALIA will provide state-of-the-art electric kits designed to facilitate the seamless electrification of construction equipment. These kits have already gained recognition among major players in the European construction industry such as Liebherr, Hyundai, Bobcat, DAF, Magni, and will be extended in the Australian market. UMS and 3ME Technology have established a reputation for their technical excellence and strong focus on safety.

2. Residential Energy Transformation: Recognising the growing demand for sustainable residential and commercial energy solutions, UMS Australia will offer energy storage systems (ESS) with the capability to supply three-phase power, seamlessly integrating with any existing photovoltaic (PV) installation.

3. Innovative Battery Swapping: The joint venture will introduce innovative battery swapping solutions, ensuring a continuous power supply while reducing emissions at construction sites and for equipment generators.

4. Decarbonisation: As pioneers in the decarbonisation movement, this partnership will closely collaborate with forward-thinking OEMs, actively contributing to a greener and more sustainable economy, reducing environmental impact by decreasing nitrogen oxides (NOx), improving air quality for enhanced public health.

5. Sovereign Manufacturing Capabilities: With significant opportunity to support reinvestment into the manufacturing sector in Australia this partnership will further reinforces our intent to build a sovereign industrial capability across the mining industry and now the construction industry, transferring cutting-edge technology to Australia. Supporting the ‘Made in Australia’ campaign, providing advanced technologies, fostering the growth of the local industry and economy, offering internships for top students, training the next generation of local engineers, and creating job opportunities in the Australian market.

Justin Bain, CEO 3ME Technology, expressed, “This partnership has been six years in the making, and we’re thrilled to kick off production and scale up in the Australian market. The timing is perfect. With our joint expertise and strong OEM customer demand, we’re set to begin production immediately. The combined capabilities will solidify UMS Australia / 3ME Technology as Australia’s premier off-highway electrifier.”

This alliance represents a significant stride toward a cleaner and more sustainable future for the Australian construction and mining industry. It underscores the unwavering commitment of 3ME Technology and Urban Mobility Systems (UMS) to environmental stewardship, innovation, and the delivery of practical solutions that instigate transformative change.

For businesses who want to find out more please reach out to Martin Kime on the details provided below.

UMS Australia Media Relations: Martin Kime (Chief Technology Advisor, Sales and Marketing); [email protected], 1300 483 043

About 3ME Technology

3ME Technology is an Australian battery and heavy electric vehicle technology company based in Cardiff, NSW. 3ME Technology designs and manufactures safe, energy-dense, lithium-ion battery systems that power mining and defence equipment. 3ME’s battery technology enables our mining customers to replace diesel powered vehicle fleets with cutting-edge electric battery systems, providing advanced safety features and reliability, reducing emissions, improving underground air quality, and supporting safer, more efficient mine operations.

About UMS


UMS a clean-tech engineering company is one of the most innovative companies in the EU, an absolute juggernaut in the development and manufacturing of battery-electric and hybrid (fuel cell) powertrains to replace the diesel engine traditionally used in construction machinery. UMS provides off-grid energy storage and grid-balancing solutions for electric vehicles. Besides that, UMS is specialized in providing Charging solutions and EV Safety and training. As we face irreversible changes in the Earth’s system, the threat of climate change has become too risky to ignore. The exceedance of environmental thresholds is raising concerns about domino effects in global natural systems and societies. Businesses are seeing both pressure and opportunity to establish sustainability goals if they haven’t already. UMS established goals that provide a roadmap for sustainability in business in target areas such as clean-tech engineering, development, manufacturing, off-grid energy storage, and grid-balancing solutions for electric vehicles.

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