The next generation of EV mechanics

With the arrival of electrically driven machines, new technologies are emerging in which safe working according to NEN 9140 is important. With EV training, we help to form the next generation of EV mechanics with our years of knowledge.

Working with electrically powered vehicles also involves new risks, which, if acted inexpertly, can lead to serious injury or damage due to dangerous electrical voltages of up to many hundreds of volts. For example, there are more and more electric cars, buses, trucks but also mobile earthmoving machines. For these new techniques, there are still few European rules about working safely. Within the Netherlands, this has been responded to with the standard NEN 9140 safely working on e-vehicles.

NEN 9140

The standard NEN 9140 is derived from NEN 3140 ‘Operation of electrical installations’. Special attention has been paid to the translation of electrical engineering practice into the automotive sector. NEN 9140 sets specific requirements for the safe working of electric vehicles by removing electrical hazards. In addition, the standard provides regulations for safe storage of damaged e-vehicles and electrically hazardous parts of e-vehicles. In addition to the dangers that are also present in non-electrically powered vehicles, e-vehicles have specific dangers.

  • The large amount of stored electrical energy in the battery packs;
  • The higher contact-hazardous electrical voltages present;
  • Potentially unexpected vehicle behavior such as unintentional movements.

Working safely

It is important to train everyone well to work with e-vehicles. Together with a certified trainer, Urban Mobility Systems provides machine and vehicle-specific training that matches our system. In this way, everyone who follows our training is well trained and made aware of the safety regulations. Depending on the work, an employee may or may not do actions.

What you learn

This training ‘safe working on e-vehicles basis’ according to EV-VOP NEN 9140 is for technicians who need to be able to carry out maintenance on e-vehicles in a safe way. During this training you will learn to recognize the HV components of e-vehicles and what you can and cannot do about this type of vehicles and machines. This helps you to better understand what the risks are, so that you know how to work safely with these vehicles and machines.

Range of training courses

Urban Mobility Systems offers a varied programme of training courses in the field of:

  • NEN 9140 VOP, VP and WV;
  • Working safely on electric commercial vehicles, theory and practice;
  • Troubleshooting and measurements on e-vehicles and mobile machines;
  • Fire protection, extinguishing training;
  • Emergency training emergency services.

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