More sustainable road transport

Road transport must be more sustainable! As a result, the sector is facing a major challenge. Urban Mobility Systems offers a reliable and widely deployable solution for a wide range of applications from 3.5 to 50+ tons of zero-emission transport.


More and more manufacturers, importers and end users of equipment are investing in electrified logistics transport. Electrification is on the rise within the transport sector for several reasons. Electrification and automation are the two areas in which most investment is made in the transport sector. Urban Mobility Systems supports customers in the transition to an emission-free fleet by enabling manufacturers and importers to offer their customers electric transport vehicles that fully meet their needs.

We also have thought about your need for a charging infrastructure. Through partnerships with renowned suppliers, we can also propose a suitable charging solution in every situation. Through our relationships in the electric vehicle market, by sharing knowledge with manufacturers and importers and supporting end users, UMS has already gained a sophisticated view of opportunities and the cost of assets from the beginning of its existence. We therefore continue to be at the forefront of offering up-to-date solutions that help customers make the electrical transition possible.

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Cost savings

One of the biggest challenges in the transportation market is achieving affordable total operating costs (TCO). For many companies, the initial investment in new technologies is a challenge because sufficient cash flow must be available to finance the transition to electric vehicles.

Door de introductie van elektrificatie als kostenbesparende technologie kunnen bedrijven echter ook de initiële investering terugverdienen door besparingen vanwege het wegvallen van brandstofkosten en een verminderd onderhoudsniveau. In most cases, one can also qualify for subsidies or tax benefits such as the Purchase Subsidy Zero-Emission Trucks (AanZET), the Subsidy Scheme Emission-Free Company Cars (SEBA), the Subsidy Scheme Clean and Emission-free Construction Equipment (SSEB), the Environmental Investment Deduction (MIA) and the Random Depreciation of Environmental Investments (Vamil).

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Emission reductions

In many countries, emission restrictions are a driving force behind the transition to electrification, and this will only increase. Electric transport is increasingly becoming mandatory, which leads to a widespread acceleration. This also creates a growing need for transition solutions with associated infrastructure, such as charging stations. The Dutch government has stated that logistics transport in Dutch cities must be emission-free by 2025 and that from 2030 there will be a ban on the sale of combustion engines. All road transport will have to be emission-free by 2050. In many other countries such as the United Kingdom, Singapore and Israel, the aim is to stop selling new means of transport with diesel and petrol engines by 2030.

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