More sustainable road transport

Road transport must be more sustainable, which means that the sector is facing a major challenge. We offer a unique and versatile concept for various applications from 3.5 to 50+ tons zero-emission transport.

Electrification is on the rise within the transport sector for several reasons. A growing number of manufacturers, dealers and end users of equipment therefore need to invest in electrified logistics transport.

In many countries around the world, legislation and emission restrictions are already driving the transition to electrification, and will undoubtedly continue to be so. Electric vehicles will become mandatory in certain areas, leading to rapid widespread adoption and a growing need for transitional solutions and associated infrastructure, such as charging stations.

For example, the Dutch government has stated that logistics transport in Dutch cities must be emission-free by 2025, and that from 2030 there will be a ban on the sale of combustion engines, whereby all road transport must be emission-free by 2050.

One of the main challenges within the truck market is achieving affordable total cost of ownership, while introducing new, expensive technologies. However, after the initial investment, companies can count on future savings due to the elimination of fuel costs and the reduced level of maintenance.

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