UMS wins prestigious CES 2022 Innovation Award

Urban Mobility Systems has been awarded the prestigious CES Innovation Award, an award presented each year to technology products at the initiative of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

CES Unveiled in RAI Amsterdam

This was announced during the CES Unveiled in RAI Amsterdam. A total of fourteen Dutch tech companies, in various categories, were able to win a CES Innovation Award. The jury, consisting of experts from the industry, judged on innovation, engineering, functionality and on the theme ‘tech solutions for a responsible future’. Previously, UMS was named one of the nineteen most innovative companies in North Brabant by Futurology Live.

Zero Emission conversion kits for construction equipment

UMS is of course very honored to be chosen as one of the scale-up winners with the entry ‘Zero Emission conversion kit for construction equipment’. Our Zero Emission kits offer a quick and efficient solution to convert diesel-powered construction equipment into clean, quiet Zero Emission machines. The revolutionary concept not only applies to new vehicles, but can also be used to retrofit the millions of excavators, cranes etc. already in use, giving them a new (emission-free) life.

Our kits are quickly adopted and applied by all types of companies in the construction industry, creating a whole new product segment with huge global growth potential. Now older equipment can also be used in an environmentally responsible manner.

CES 2022 in Las Vegas

UMS will now represent the Netherlands along with 69 other start-up and scale-up tech companies at the CES 2022 Innovation Awards from January 5-8, 2022 in Las Vegas. The Consumer Electronic Shows attract more than 170,000 companies and investors from 160 countries. In preparation, the companies follow a training program from the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.