UMS present at the Nationale Aandrijftechniekdag 2022

Urban Mobility Systems was one of the main sponsors of the Nationale Aandrijftechniekdag 2022 with the topic ‘Developments in mobile & maritime Drive Technology’. The event was held on Thursday 15 September in LOC 17 in Doesburg. This harbour shed on the IJssel in Doesburg is a place with a rich industrial history.

Developments in mobile and maritime drive technology are moving fast. Faster than many can imagine. Driven by stricter emission requirements and a more sustainable society, the drives in machines and in shipping are being overhauled.

Then the question is where does the energy come from? From special battery packs or from a fuel cell that runs on hydrogen? Is hybrid a better solution or just a transition to completely emission-free? And what about the complete electrical control, the link to hydraulics, the on-board grid, safety features, charging options or the refuelling of hydrogen?

Watch our video of the Nationale Aandrijftechniekdag 2022

Among other things, attention was paid to these questions during the Nationale Aandrijftechniekdag 2022. On the day itself, there were several technical presentations by companies that are working on new drive technology. There were also various specialists from partners who made this Nationale Aandrijftechniekdag 2022. The visitors on this day consisted mainly of engineers and managers in the mobile and maritime sector.

Aandrijftechniek is an independent trade journal for entrepreneurs, executives, constructors and heads of technical services and provides up-to-date and technical information about innovations and new developments in the field of smart industry, mechanical engineering, maritime, mobility, robotics and additive manufacturing and engineering.

The event was not only to listen to presentations and to network, but also to look at the developments of various partners.