UMS at Zero Emission | Ecomobiel – Brabanthallen

The 12th edition of the trade fair Zero Emission took place on 12, 13 & 14 October 2021. Every year the trade fair offers practical solutions to deal with mobility issues more economically and sustainably. For example, think of ways to reduce energy and fuel costs, compose the ideal mobility mix, smart organization of a fleet or better traffic flow by informing road users in good time.

The Brabanthallen in ‘s Hertogenbosch formed the business center of the energy transition in the Netherlands. With the theme of working together in transition, the National Energy Week was the place to be for everyone who is professionally involved in how the Netherlands will become more sustainable in the coming years.

With Vakbeurs Energie, focused on the built environment, and the trade fairs PREFAB (on industrial and modular construction), Industrial Heat & Power (on energy efficiency and CO2 savings in industry) and Zero Emission | Ecomobiel (about smart and sustainable mobility) brought together just under 21,000 professionals.

Diederik Samsom opened the event with an explanation of the European Fit for 55 package, of which he is one of the authors. Maxime Verhagen (Building Netherlands), Doekle Terpstra (Technology Netherlands), Marjolein Demmers (Nature & Environment), Steven van Eijck (Rai Vereniging), Theo Henrar (FME) and Yvon Slingenberg (European Commission) held the subsequent panel discussion.

Where the National Energy Week is all about business, knowledge sharing was no less relevant. Some 130 workshops, seminars and conferences were held at 15 sub-locations, including the OFFSITE International prefab conference, the Energy Transition Corporation Day, the Dutch Hydrogen Days, the Netherlands Heat Pump Congress, the Energy Storage Day and the Energy Transition Municipal Day.

In the spaces of Zero Emission | Ecomobile, there was increasing interest in the electrification of construction machinery, city distribution and construction logistics. This was also reflected on the exhibition floor in the growing presence in the range of, for example, industrial and electric vehicles. The seminar program paid a lot of attention to this important development, but also to hydrogen as a power source, sustainable supplies, charging infrastructure and micro-mobility.

Urban Mobility Systems was of course also present on the exhibition floor at our stand A051 in Hall 6.