UMS at BouwMachines Kennisdag as a premium partner

On 15 March 2022, Bouwend Nederland will meet again at the BouwMachines Kennisdag. In addition to a day full of knowledge, it is a wonderful opportunity to meet again. This 6th edition of the Construction Machinery Knowledge Day is dedicated to ‘Practical Innovation’. Urban Mobility Systems is present as a premium partner.


Innovation is perhaps the most important task for the coming years. The equipment industry must embrace new techniques to achieve sustainability goals. But how do we do that? In collaboration with BMWT, we explore the possibilities during this Construction Machinery Knowledge Day. During the Construction Machinery Knowledge Day, we will discuss the practice with experts. Safety, sustainability, digitization and emission reduction, all these issues will be discussed.

Practical case

New is the practical case that has been made possible by Bouwend Nederland. People from the field are challenged to write a proposal for the fictional Otterland and to show what our industry is capable of in the field of sustainable working. We do this during the plenary programme.

In addition, there is the possibility to follow knowledge sessions of the partners. And of course you can meet colleagues, entrepreneurs and partners of the Knowledge Day at the information market.

Why don’t you want to miss this day?
✔ Finally another day to catch up. Of course within the RIVM guidelines.
✔ Up-to-date with the latest techniques and innovations to achieve sustainability goals in one day
✔ Speakers from the field share their stimulating knowledge and vision
✔ Benefit from the learnings of the Otterland practical case
✔ Last physical edition, with over 200 participants, rated with an 8.2!

Promotional video Construction Machines Knowledge Day 2022