First Liebherr A 916 Electric for Cornelisse Elst

With the first fully battery-electric driven Liebherr A 916 Electric excavator, contractor Cornelisse Elst has the scoop in the Netherlands. Cornelisse Elst has been a family business in the INFRA/GWW sector for more than 50 years and stands for quality, sustainability and efficiency.

They are the specialized partner in the field of earthmoving, sewerage, demolition projects, tank remediation, liquid-tight floors, machine paving, landscaping, machine rental and transport.

Cornelisse has long been focused on emission-free earthwork, which also includes machine rental.

To date, earthworks are one of the spearheads. For many different activities in the field of emission-free earthwork in Gelderland and Utrecht, one can contact them.

Pieter Cornelisse, director of Cornelisse BV indicates; This Liebherr 916 Electric is electrified by Urban Mobility Systems in collaboration with Wynmalen & Hausmann.

The machine is equipped with both a fast charge option as well as an exchangeable LFP battery unit with a total of 260 KWh, which guarantees 8 hours of safe running on the work field. LFP batteries are safe to use, non-flammable and are used by UMS for the electrification of construction equipment. All this in consultation with the OEMs. In addition, LFP also has an end of life cycle and are therefore 100% recyclable.