Electric asphalt spreader in use by KWS

KWS, part of VolkerWessels Infrastructure, has laid the first meters of asphalt on the A58 innovation strip near Oirschot using its electric asphalt spreader. This electric asphalt spreader was developed and built by Urban Mobility Systems. The electric asphalt spreader will soon also be used on other projects and will lead to a saving of 46 tons of CO2 per year.

Green, clean & safe

In terms of performance, the electric Dynapac SD2500CS is not inferior to a traditionally driven spreader. This zero-emission model uses an interchangeable and safe LFP battery pack. Thanks to the exchange system, the machine can in principle be used 24/7. The LFP battery has a longer lifespan than the industry’s standard batteries, requires little to no maintenance and is 100% recyclable. In addition, it is above all extremely safe, which was paramount in the development of the electric asphalt spreader.

Innovation strip A58 Monasteries

The development of the electric asphalt spreader gained momentum through the A58 Kloosters Innovation Strip project. By setting a tender amount for all bidders in the tender phase and using the best price-quality ratio (BPKV criteria) in the field of Zero Emission building and innovations, Rijkswaterstaat stimulates the market to be distinctive. VolkerWessels companies KWS and Gebr. van Kessel carry out this special assignment together.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

The development and construction by UMS of this innovative asphalt spreader, which emits no CO2 or particulate matter, is in line with KWS’s ambition to do business sustainably and is the next step towards completely emission-free working in 2030. KWS’s electric asphalt spreader and an emission-free construction site are inextricably linked. KWS aims for a completely emission-free asphalt set by 2023. With the introduction of this new electric spreader machine, the next step in achieving this ambition is being taken.


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