Bouwmachines Knowledge Day 2022 review

Posted by Roel Huizer Gros

Bouwmachines Knowledge Day 2022 review

On Tuesday 15, the Construction Machinery Knowledge Day took place in Harderwijk. With a large team of Vakmedianet, BMWT, Koninklijke Bouwend Nederland and numerous suppliers, the theme of the day ‘Practical Innovation’ was given substance.

More than 200 attendees, a hall full of innovations and the latest equipment, inspiring speakers and two teams of specialists who had united to give substance to the Otterland case. A fictitious tender with a serious message, with the central question: is it already possible to work 100% emission-free? The answer turned out to be YES.

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The Team Sustineri, consisting of Ivan Capelle, Poya Masrori, Paul van der Sluis, Laura van Rijn, Johnny Nijenhuis, Hans Hoogendoorn and Lieuwe Gietema, raised the profit by submitting a 100% emission-free tender. But the lead was minimal. Aannemingsmij Bever with Gerben Brouwer, Jos Kamphuis, Kas Jansen, Lars Kool, Marisa Bussing and Marco de Jong, gave the area extra future value by planting a food forest, making it a difficult decision for the jury.