Autonomous Mission is nearing Completion

The construction of the Mission for the I-AT project is nearing completion. All sensors and computers for automatic driving are mounted. This week, the communication between all systems will be tested to be able to start the first driving tests next week.

The purpose of this project (Living Lab Aachen-Vaals) is to develop a flexible, automated shuttle for short-distance passenger transport, which is tested on a cross-border route. The service must be able to be booked and paid with the help of an online mobility platform. The pilot should help to map the possibilities and challenges of autonomous shuttles for public transport companies. The pilot is being carried out by the German public transport company ASEAG, which operates in Aachen and the surrounding area. The company has a fleet of nearly 500 vehicles and operates services on 101 lines, some of which run to the Netherlands and Belgium.

UMS Software Engineers working on the communication between all systems