Webinar: Tackling the nitrogen problem in construction

The webinar ‘Tackling the nitrogen problem in construction with prefab and zero emission logistics’, organized by 54events, was held on 12 December. In this webinar Lars Kool, CEO/ CTO Urban Mobility Systems, spoke about solutions that are already available for logistics and transport to tackle the nitrogen problem.

The Council of State recently ruled that nitrogen released during construction must also be included in emission calculations. The consequences of this ruling are of great concern to construction companies, municipalities and clients. Because with this ruling, the building exemption is off the table and the nitrogen problem in construction is back again. Stakeholders will have to come up with real solutions this time, otherwise there is a risk of a structural setback for the entire sector.

Construction companies and suppliers will have to develop into nitrogen-neutral or zero-emission organisations. Zero emission construction logistics and (industrialised) prefabrication play a key role in this: they carry solutions.

But how do you approach that, as a builder or supplier? What applications are already available, in terms of prefabrication and conceptual construction? What are the developments in zero emission transport and logistics? How do you create a zero emission construction site?

Watch the highlights of the webinar 🡪

Lars Kool
CEO/ CTO, Urban Mobility Systems

About the solutions that exist from zero emission logistics and transport! A preview in that context is this post on rijksoverheid.nl.

Noah Baars
Programme Manager Clean and Emission-Free Construction (SEB), Central Government Real Estate Agency

About the Clean and Emission-Free Building (SEB) programme, the government roadmap and the choices made by the Government Buildings Agency.

Hidde Proost
Commercial Director, Startblock

About how prefabricated, modular and conceptual construction offer a solution to the nitrogen problem. See also this post on startblock.nl.

Lars Zwart
Architect I Partner, CRKL architects

About the role of architects at the beginning of a project: material choices… and think first to prevent nitrogen problems.