Omroep Gelderland at dike reinforcement project Gorinchem-Waardeburg

The discussion around construction projects and nitrogen emissions prompted Omroep Gelderland to come and look at the use of electrical equipment in construction at the Gorinchem-Waardeburg dike reinforcement project.

Gerard van der Veer and Gerrit Jan van de Pol of GMB talk in the video about the electric 30-tonne Hyundai HX260 excavator that is used there and that was built by Urban Mobility Systems.

Last Wednesday 5 November, the Council of State ruled that the so-called building exemption is not legally tenable. If a construction project leads to nitrogen precipitation in a vulnerable nature reserve, a nature permit is now required again. The ruling will have consequences for the entire construction sector because a nitrogen calculation must be made for each project.

The use of electric construction equipment ensures a significant nitrogen reduction on construction projects. It is good for the climate, it provides better workplaces for employees and less nuisance for the environment. This not only concerns nitrogen but also CO2 emissions and particulate matter emissions.