Meet the LFP battery boxes of Urban Mobility Systems. These high-end power boxes are designed to provide reliable and durable power that can be userd for grid balancing, site power, electrical machinery, and much more.


The Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LFP or LiFePO4) we use offer a lot of benefits compared to other technologies. They have a long lifespan, require no maintenance and are extremely safe. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries also have a lower environmental impact because they can be recycled to recover the various materials used within their electrodes, wiring, and casings. Posing less risk to the environment in comparison to other lithium batteries, LFP batteries use non-toxic and more abundant materials that can be produced with less energy.

Electrical data

Energy: 130 kWh
Nominal voltage: 624 V
Technology: LFP (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate)

Mechanical data

Dimension (L*W*H) in mm: 1136 * 769 * 1108
Weight: 1250 kg
Protection class: IP 65


The Urban Mobility Systems e-generator system is a Plug & Play total solution. The unit can be moved quickly and easily and can therefore be used anywhere. You can charge the e-generator unit slowly and cheaply and then discharge it with full power at any location. Depending on the type of unit, it can be transported in a van or on a trailer. The e-generator is easy to operate thanks to a 15” LED touch screen. You can easily charge it via a normal 63A CEE plug. Plug the CCS2 plug of the e-pack into any vehicle to start charging. Only need power at one location? No problem. Equipped with a CEE plug connection, the e-package can also be used to supply power on-site, up to 125A.

Safety is our number one priority. That is why we consciously choose LFP batteries. These are considerably safer than traditional Lithium-Ion batteries and are particularly suitable for use in an e-generator.


Depending on the need, our e-generator can be supplied with a storage capacity of up to 400 kWh. That’s more than enough power to charge any vehicle or provide power!


You can choose up to 200 kW DC charging power via one or two CCS2 plugs. Equipped with OCPP 2.0 and LFP batteries, it is the ideal and safe all-electric generator and mobile DC charger.


The Urban Mobility Systems energy storage systems provide an economical, flexible and efficient solution for applications with high requirements on grid continuity, peak shaving, valley filling and backup power supply. Our systems are very safe with a built-in Power Conditioning System (PCS) and integrated inverter. They intelligently monitor, query and manage information in real-time through networking. The design is easy to lay out and covers a small area.


  • Peak shaving and valley filling lowering electricity costs.
  • Modular design with fast and easy installation for a short time from delivery to commissioning.
  • Automated switching for on-grid charging and off-grid discharging.
  • High protection level and weather resistance, perfect for outdoor use.
  • Large capacity standardized battery box, reducing parallel connection of battery packs and improving battery life.
  • Modules can be added or removed in series or parallel according to demand and energy storage parameters can be adjusted flexibly.

Energy Storage Container

Our Energy Storage Container is a safe and reliable energy storage solution specifically designed for small to medium-sized applications. It is designed around a 250 kW PCS with four S100E battery strings and an energy management system. The system can meet a maximum capacity requirement of 440kWh and can participate in peak and frequency regulation, demand side response and peak load shifting.


  • The three-level battery management system supports over-charge, over-discharge, over-voltage and other functional protection using a fault classification processing mechanism.
  • A modular design supports flexible expansion and front maintenance.
  • Compatible with PCS of international mainstream manufacturers to achieve friendly interconnection.
  • Equipped with a local energy storage control system for 24/7 online monitoring of the energy storage operating environment.
  • LiFePO4 battery chemistry that provides a safe and stable platform with great performance and long cycle life.

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