Discover our fully electric Vision bus

Same as the Mission, the UMS Vision is characterized by the construction of composite in combination with a 100% electrical drive line. This unique combination makes it a lightweight vehicle.

The Vision is a bus that can be used in many ways in the public- or transport sector. The bus offers place for 8 + 1 people. Because the bus has a monocoque chassis, it is easy to get in and out. The bus has a low floor and therefore suitable for wheelchair transport.

The Vision can be completely customized. The bus weighs less than 3500kg and therefor a great solution for inner city solutions.

Autonomous option

If you look to the future for your transportation needs, autonomous vehicles are the perfect solution. Free of the need for human input or intervention, these machines operate on a specific range of driving situations and conditions. Urban Mobility System offers its range of Vision or Mission electric vehicles in an autonomous configuration. Using mounted camera rigs with 360 degrees of coverage, your buses can be navigated and maneuvered by a built-in computer. This not only saves on personnel costs but eliminates driver error and enables round-the-clock operations.

Lightweight GRP Body
Fast Charging