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Urban Mobility Systems is developing a new generation of sustainable transportation solutions. By providing the world with green, sustainable and primarily eco friendly transportation systems, we hope to transform transport to be in harmony with mankind and the environment. We are rolling out our new line with three state-of the art electric vehicles for exactly this purpose. For the best in green transportation, our Vision and Mission buses provide luxuriously upholstered passenger travel, suited for both company fleets, airport shuttling and conversion to mobile business. If your company requires a little more heavy lifting, our Zolution truck is the ultimate in green cargo transportation.

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Whether you decide on the Vision, the Mission or the Zolution models: all our vehicles are guaranteed to provide perfectly sustainable transportation. As completely battery-powered vehicles, our Vision and Mission transport your passengers and their luggage quietly and quickly, without compromising the environment. Both transport models can be adapted to drive entirely autonomously, by using external camera rigs that provide 360 degrees of coverage and monitor their immediate environment. Should your enterprise focus more on delivery, opt for our Zolution trailer truck. We offer our Zolution in two variants; the Visia and the Business. With additional quality-of-life features such as a fast-charging functionality for repeated deliveries, we proudly offer the Zolution as the finest zero-emission transport, both for the environment and for your business.

Green, eco friendly transportation systems for the future

With a lightweight construction, spacious design and high-capacity fast-charge power cells, Urban Mobility Systems' line of electric vehicles is poised to revolutionize the field of sustainable transport. Eager to learn which of our eco friendly transportation systems would be best for you? We are always happy to provide our customers with more information. Reach out today by filling out our online form, calling us at +31 (0)85 130 0090 or emailing to

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