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The UMS Mission is characterized by the construction of a lightweight composite in combination with a 100% electrical drive line. This unique combination makes the Mission a light, but above all, sustainable solution.

The Mission is a bus that can be used in many ways in the public- or transport sector. The bus offers place for 16 + 1 people. Because the bus has a monocoque chassis, it is easy to get in and out. The bus has a low floor and therefore suitable for wheelchair transport.

The Mission can be completely customized. What do you think of the Mission as, for example a shuttle bus at airports? Or as a school bus? Or as a food truck?

With a luxurious interior finish, the bus can be used for first and business
class transportation.

Autonomous as an option

As an option UMS can build the Mission completely autonomous. With a 360 view all around, it is possible to have your bus navigated and maneuvered by a computer without need for human control or intervention under range of driving situations and conditions.

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Lightweight GRP Body
Fast Charging