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As a clean-tech engineering company Urban Mobility Systems develops and manufactures battery electric and hybrid (fuel cell) drive-trains to replace the diesel engine traditionally used in construction equipment. This way UMS enables the zero emission building site, greatly reducing both air and noise pollution on-site.
All UMS conversion kits are made with a specific focus on economic viability, scalability and excellent build quality.

Solutions for OEM’s, Distributors and Fleet-Operators

OEM’s can rely on Urban Mobility Systems as Tier1 to enhance their product range with “electric versions” of their equipment without creating an extra burden for the engineering department and to help prevent delays with introducing electric models.

Distributors of brands that do not (yet) have electric product offering but have a demand for electric versions of their brand’s product in their territory can count on UMS’s electrification solutions.

Fleet owners/operators can depend on UMS to supply electric conversion-kits to retrofit existing construction equipment fleets, thus providing a verry cost effective solution to renew and electrify their fleet without the capital expenditure of completely new equipment and at the same time reducing operational expenses by reduced fuel and maintenance costs.

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We provide practical solutions that enable sustainable construction by building high-quality solutions for all our partners. Want to know more about the possibilities for (construction)vehicle electrification? Urban Mobility Systems is happy to inform you about our products, give you a demonstration or provide you a quote. The easiest way to get in touch with us is by filling out our online form. If you would prefer calling, you can reach us by phone at +31 (0)85 130 0090. Emails can be sent courtesy of


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