Multiple Charging Points

S-Series charging solutions are ideal for locations with heavy-duty usage and where a high number of charging points are needed, such as large bus and truck depots, logistics centers and  building sites. Seven variations of this user-friendly satellite post can be selected to meet your charging system topology.


In the future, gas stations will be replaced with EV charging hubs. UMS provides the perfect selection of chargers. The S-Series charging satellite posts has dynamically controlled power distribution enabling charging system optimization. Combining the C-Series twin cabinet with 8–16 satellite posts lets you use up to 16 charging points and/or pantograph. It has the highest power to footprint ratio in the fast charging market. Satellite posts can be located up to 50 meters from the C-Series cabinet, giving you more flexibility to optimize the whole system layout.

You can use multiple satellite posts and/or pantograph with static or dynamic power distribution. Each charging point can charge at a charging power level of 25 –150 kW or higher with dynamic control according to the available power and charging cable+plug and of course the demand and limits of the vehicle.

Movable fast charging

The T-Series is a movable EV charger that is suitable for all types of electric vehicles such as heavy equipment, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses and personal cars. It is weatherproof and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. All you need is your EV and an electrical supply and you are good to go.

Anywhere you need it

Simply plug the charger into the wall, allow a few minutes for the charger to turn on and you are ready to charge. The T-Series charging station is well balanced and, as a two wheeler, it is easy to move to the next location. Its durable design can handle dirt, water, dust and snow, and it’s userfriendly.

The T-Series is suitable for 63 A and 32 A sockets. It also supports all the most common charging standards: CCS 1 or CCS 2, CHAdeMO plugs and Type 2 socket for AC. The T-Series is not a one-trick pony. It offers a dual charging option for charging two vehicles at the same time, with 40 kW of pure charging power or 20 kW from each charging channel. All the best bits of a traditional fast charging station packed in a mobile solution that is easy to move and doesn’t require a fixed installation.

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Off grid energy storage

Creating off grid energy storage works best with a highly sustainable battery design. Our high-end LFP batterij packs are designed to provide sustainable yet significant power output. In addition, their modular design, great energy density yet also excellent power density makes them also excellently suited for off grid power storage. Providing sufficient charge for grid-balancing or location power, and running electric vehicles or machinery, these industrial, heavy-duty battery packs will keep your lights on even in the direst circumstances.

Storage for any purpose

No matter the power requirement, our LFP battery packs can meet it. Their modular design allows them to be linked together in larger units. This makes them perfect as an event power supply, grid-balancing in case existing infrastructure cannot provide enough energy, and for running location or machinery power for an extended period. The advantage of LFP batteries is their outstanding performance throughout their service life. This is why UMS has chosen this design for both our vehicle and our free-standing battery packs.

Buffer storage

Should the creation of buffer power storage be necessary, we find high-sustainability batteries prove most effective. Our LFP battery packs offer sustainable yet significant power output. While initially developed to power our zero emission vehicles, these batteries serve excellently as buffer storage. With a modular design suitable for larger assemblies and great energy and power density, our LFP cells can tackle any demand. With sufficient charge to make sure your grid stays lit up, we offer our industrial, heavy-duty battery packs as a one-stop-shop for power reserves.

Continuous charge with a dedicated storage

Opt for continuous charge with a dedicated buffer storage. Our LFP battery packs can meet any demand you can throw at them. Their modularity allows them to be interlinked, making a large power storage buffer perfect for events, locations with critical systems and grid-balancing. This is why we exclusively use LFP batteries. Their outstanding performance throughout their service life makes them perfect as both vehicle and our free-standing battery packs. Are you operating a location or events where power failures are especially deleterious to your business? At Urban Mobility Services, your buffer storage solution can be constructed exactly how you need it.

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