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If you are looking to make your transportation emission-free, you would do well to opt for an electric bus, van or minibus. Urban Mobility Systems is one of the prime innovator in the field of sustainable transportation, offering two completely modular proprietary vehicles. Our Mission model electric bus seats 17, with an ultralight chassis to make the most of its 100% electrical drive line. For a more compact option, the Vision electric minibus is the right choice, seating 9 for the ultimate in inner-city transportation solutions.

luxurious interior finish

High Quality Standards

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An electric bus or van, built to your requirements

Our electric bus models can be configured in a nigh-unlimited number of ways. While their design is primarily focused on the public transport sector, both our electric bus and minibus can be completely customized, up to a full conversion to a van. Our larger model, the Mission, serves just as well as a shuttle bus at airports as it does as a school bus. But perhaps you're looking for a fully sustainable food truck to run your business out of? By converting the Mission to an electric van, your enterprise's logistics become fully future-proof.

Ultracompact luxury transportation, without emissions

The UMS Vision is characterized by its compact size and composite construction, pegging its weight at an astoundingly low 3500 kilograms. This allows it to make the most of the power of its 100% electrical drive line. This electric minibus was designed with a monocoque chassis, allowing for large doors to make getting in and out as easy as possible. Another standard feature on our electric bus models is their low floor, making them suitable for wheelchair transport.

Driven or autonomous options

If you are eager to fully embrace the future of transportation, we offer the option to make your Vision or Mission electric bus completely autonomous. By means of mounted camera rigs with 360 degrees of coverage, it is possible for your bus to be navigated and maneuvered by a built-in computer without human input or intervention over a range of driving situations and conditions. Intrigued by the options on offer? We'd be happy to inform you about our products, give you a demonstration or provide you a quote – just fill out our online forms. You can reach Urban Mobility Systems by phone at +31 (0)85 130 0090, or by emailing to

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