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If you look to the future for your transportation needs, autonomous vehicles are the perfect solution. Free of the need for human input or intervention, these machines operate on a specific range of driving situations and conditions, with a stellar safety record. Urban Mobility System offers their range of Vision or Mission electric vehicles in an autonomous configuration. Using mounted camera rigs with 360 degrees of coverage, your buses can be navigated and maneuvered by a built-in computer. This not only saves on personnel costs, but eliminates driver error and enables round-the-clock operations as well.

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The 17-seater Mission electric bus is our premier vehicle, featuring an ultralight chassis to maximize the efficiency of its electrical drive line. While primarily designer for passenger transport, Urban Mobility Systems offers bespoke conversion of the chassis to any desired configuration. A fleet of fully autonomous delivery or service vehicles? With the Mission, it is all within reach. Should you desire a more compact vehicle design, our Vision electric minibus is just right. Comfortably seating 9 in its default passenger configuration, this astonishingly efficient design is the ultimate in inner-city transportation. Featuring a monocoque chassis, the vehicle's large doors to make entering and exiting a breeze, without compromising durability.

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Intrigued by the options for autonomous vehicles we have on offer? If you want more information about our products, a demonstration or a personal quote, fill out our online form. Reach out to us by phone at +31 (0)85 130 0090 or by emailing

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